Gallaunt (FCI) – whippet kennel registered at Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce (ZKwP) [The Polish Kennel Club] and at Federation Cynologique Internationale [the International Cynological Federation] (FCI). Whippet – it was a love at first sight. They are wonderful family dogs, very calm, warm and cuddly, but also crazy about running in the fields.:) We particularly admire their versatility, vitality, and urge for adventure, as we ourselves cannot sit still for long ... ha ha ha

Our first whippet princess in our home was CROWN JEWEL Ypsylon – our Chilli, whom we brought home from Warsaw kennel called Ypsylon in March 2011. Since that day our life has changed.

There is a kind of magic at home when you have a dog, and especially the whippet. On 7th July 2014, Nine Lives STEALING KISSES AT GALLAUNT, our torpedo-fast Vega, was born. She is our pride and joy. On 25th October 2017, Chilli blessed us with an amazing evening Litter E, and we decided that EVENING JEWEL Gallaunt girl would stay with us. She lives with our daughter who called her CHELSEA.

Thanks to whippets I started to go for looooooong walks more often, whatever the weather, so I am fitter and healthier. We divide our life between our professional work, family, dog shows, and whippet coursings in Poland and abroad. Thanks to that we meet wonderful people, make friends with crazy sighthound lovers. I still cannot explain how we could live without whippets before ...

Our puppies are brought up at home, they are socialised, taken care of properly, getting used to normal house noises, and when they are ready to go to their new homes they are twice dewormed, once vaccinated, they are chipped and have a passport and all necessary papers. We conclude contracts with future owners, who could be breeders or simply forever-loving families.

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